Stem and Leaf Plot

This page contains JavaScript that will make a Stem-and-Leaf plot of the data you paste or type into the text area below. Separate the different values by spaces, commas, or newlines as you enter them. Then hit the "Compute" button and your browser will open a new window and display the plot. When you are done looking at the new window minimize it or close it with controls from its pull-down menus.

Note that Microsoft has implemented a different version of scripting language in their Internet Explorer browser. Very likely, the JavaScript program on this page will not work in Microsoft's browser. To the best of my knowledge, the script does work in Netscape's internet browser 3.0.

The code in this page for the "hard" part of making the plot was borrowed from Lane's Hyperstat. All I've done is parsed the imput data differently.

If you find errors in this program please send email:
Stephan Pelikan
Last modified: Tue Sep 30 17:09:00 EDT 1997