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    In person 4310 French Hall (west campus)
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  1. GELSTATS is a computer program for making population genetic inferences based on multi-locus probe data. The distribution includes source code, a DOS executable file and a README.
  2. NEWGARDEN a program to simulate the genetics and dynamics of small populations.
  3. Dora is a sound visualization, editing and manipulation tool.
  4. Online Exercises is a system for putting assignments (homeworks, quizzes, etc) online so that students can use the material over the WWW. The system includes automatic quiz generation based on templates, automatic grading of assignments, and platform-independent interfaces for faculty to use in creating and installing materials.
  5. We began using the system in spring 1996. The system is also now used to deliver the university-wide mathematics placement test.

  6. Natural history and the environment
    1. Visit the homepage for Oxbow, Inc. a local wetland preservation organization.
    2. Information about natural history in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky Tri-state area. A page about Carolina Chickadee sounds. And some information about Northern Cardinal songs, or see this version for more details
  7. Free programs and code
  8. Things for math teachers
  9. Toys: Play with my Spirograph Use my statistical calculator Play the Stopwatch game