Herbert Halpern

Professor of Mathematics,
Department of Mathematical Sciences
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0025
Tel: (513) 556-4063
E-mail: halperhp@ucmail.uc.edu
Office: 5504 French Hall


Mathematica Instructions

The following are Mathematica instructions in .pdf format especially related to the University of Cincinnati computer system together with some source material and a list of Mathematica commands and a brief synopsis of how the commands operate. Use your "Find" utility to search for the commands.

Course Materials

The following are directories for course material that can be downloaded. Mathematica files can be executed.

Applied Boundary Value Problems

·       Applied Boundary Value Problems Files

Applied Calculus I

Applied Linear Algebra

Calculus I

Calculus IB

Calculus II

Calculus II Semester Course

Calculus II Mathematica Laboratory

·       Calculus II Mathematica Laboratory Files

Calculus II Mathematica Laboratory of Mathematic Department

·       Calculus II Mathematica Laboratory Files of the Mathematics Department

Calculus III

Calculus III Mathematica Laboratory

Calculus III Mathematica Laboratory of Mathematics Department

Calculus III Mathematica Laboratory Files

Calculus IV

Calculus IV Mathematica Laboratory

·       Calculus IV Laboratory

College Algebra II

·       College Algebra II files


·       Combinatorics Files

Differential Equations 2073

Differential Equations

Differential Geometry

·       Differential Geometry Files

Discrete Mathematics

Finite Mathematics and Calculus I

Linear Algebra 2076

Linear Algebra 1

Linear Algebra 2

Linear Programming

Mathematical Programming

Mathematics with Mathematica Files

Matrix Methods

Multivariable Calculus Files

Non Linear Programming

Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Moore Statistics Files