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Włodzimierz Bryc

Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Cincinnati

PO Box 210025

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0025*

Tel: (513) 556 4098

Office: 4316 French Hall

Prob Seminar

Research Interests

Probability Theory: Classical and non-commutative probability, random matrices, large deviations.

Recent publications, preprints, work in progress
  1. Meixner matrix ensembles (with Gerard Letac) Journal of Theoretical Probability: Volume 26, Issue 1 (2013), Page 107-152
  2. Fock space realizations of some classical Markov processes, with Wiktor Ejsmont. Probability and Mathematical Statistics Vol. 33, (2013), pp. 301-313.
  3. Separation of the largest eigenvalues in eigenanalysis of genotype data from discrete subpopulations (with Kasia Bryc and Jack Silverstein) Theoretical Population Biology 89 (2013) 34-43.
  4. On Cauchy-Stieltjes Kernel Families, with Raouf Fakhfakh and Abdelhamid Hassairi. Journ. Mutlivariate Anal. Vol. 124 (2014) Pages 296-312
  5. Infinitesimal generators of q-Meixner Markov processes with Jacek Wesolowski, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 124/1 (2014), pp. 915-926
  6. On integration with respect to the q-Brownian motion Stats Probab Letters 94(2014) 257-266
  7. Wilson's 6-j laws and stitched Markov processes, with Wojciech Matysiak. Teorya Veroyatn. Primen. 60 (2015) 333-356. http://dx.doi.org/10.4213/tvp4622
  8. Infinitesimal generators for a class of polynomial processes with Jacek Wesolowski Studia Mathematica 229 (2015), 73-93 .
  9. Evolutions in near algebras [tentative title] (work in progress), with Jacek Wesolowski [Oct 2011 - Summer 2013, and beyond]
  10. Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with open boundaries and Quadratic Harnesses, with Jacek Wessolowski [June-Nov 2015]
  11. The local structure of q-Gaussian processes, with Yizao Wang [Nov 2015] , to appear in Probab. Math. Stat.

Teaching: Fall 2016

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